if you don't recieve mail from the server

If you don\'t receive mail from the server, in 99.99% of cases the problem is on your side, because the servers is stable and sends newsletters everyday since 2012. All reasons is logging by the server and list is very short:

1. Mailbox is full;
2. Recipient address rejected: Inactive user;
3. Invalid mailbox;
4. Account blocked due to inactivity;
5. Mailbox is frozen;
6. Host or domain name not found (you specify the address of a non-existent domain, like: bob@wiefenuregn.net);
7. The letter marked as SPAM (yes, shit happens, check your spam folder).

Long story short: your mailbox is dead OR you gave a wrong email address OR the letter in the spam folder. Now you have only 24 hours to fix this and confirm subscription.
Or just make sure that you using 100% working email